About Kraycol Stationery Pvt. Ltd.

An Introduction

Kraycol Stationery Pvt. Ltd.

Kraycol Stationery Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of ‘back to school’ products and the fastest growing company, especially in the field of art materials for children up to middle school level. The products are known by the name Polo and Kraycol. It is an off spring of SGR Stationery Art Industries established in the year 1987 by young entrepreneurs in as a very small scale level in the unknown suburbs of Bengaluru. The same firm today, has grown to level of catering to the entire country in the field of stationery.

Product Range

Polo offers a wide range of products from simple wax crayons to water colour tubes, water colour cakes, poster colours, tempera colours, erasable crayons / plastic crayons, moulded animal characters, oil pastels, colour pencils and Sketch Pens to choose from. Starting from the basic 8-colour crayons to the high end 50-colour shades, tiny crayons to big and bold, crayons for younger children, polo aims to offer new products keeping its customers in mind under one roof with no compromises in quality.

Environment Friendly and Safety

We at Kraycol recognize children as our future and hence our entire range of products are compliant with the standards set by EN71-3 [European standards] and are totally safe for children. The colors used by our next generation junior artists are natural and safe from any known toxic risks.


Total quality control is implemented at all stages, starting from selection of raw material to process control and finally packaging, storage and distribution. We are currently in the process of implementing ISO Certification.


We at Kraycol have a wide vision and have incorporated the latest technologies to offer the best quality and perfectly matched with reasonable rates. Having started with basic manual production techniques, today we have the latest technologies incorporated from manufacturing process to finished goods.

Marketing and Distribution

Today, Kraycol has reached a pinnacle of success in the world of colours, specializing in exclusive children art materials and boasting of a variety of products with distribution networks in all the state capitals of India. It has reached almost 50,000 retail stationery stores across the country.

Our Aim

We wish to offer innovative products in art materials and stationery segment with a vision of seeing even the most advanced countries look towards India for their requirements.

We believe we are in a phase where everyone deserves only the best. We are constantly focusing to offer innovative products in the art materials segment and make advanced countries to look towards India for their requirements.
Our mission is to bring out the best in every child by providing the highest quality products to run their imagination and our constant efforts to succeed globally.
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